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pact n : a written agreement between two states or sovereigns [syn: treaty, accord]

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  1. An agreement; a league; a compact; a covenant.


an agreement; a league; a compact; a covenant
  • Finnish: sopimus
  • Polish: układ, pakt
  • Português: pacto
  • Swedish: pakt
  • Spanish: pacto

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A pact is a formal agreement, usually between two or more nations.

PACT as an acronym

Other uses

  • Pact, Isère, a commune in the Isère département in France

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pact in Dutch: Pact

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accord, agreement, alliance, arrangement, bargain, binding agreement, bond, cartel, collective agreement, compact, concord, concordat, consortium, contract, convention, covenant, covenant of salt, deal, dicker, employment contract, entente, formal agreement, ironclad agreement, legal agreement, legal contract, mutual agreement, paction, promise, protocol, settlement, stipulation, transaction, treaty, understanding, union contract, valid contract, wage contract
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